Where should I go when I first arrive?

For Tubing:
Please enter the northern most driveway that leads up the hill past the Chalet (barn). Tubing is located at the top of our upper parking areas. Continue up the “switchbacks” through the parking areas. Finally you will see the Tubing Chalet at the upper parking area; ticket booth, concessions and bathrooms can be found within. NOTE: Depending on how busy it is, consider that you may have to park and walk some distance to your destination. 

For Skiing/Snowboarding:
Tyrol Basin consists of lower, middle & upper parking lots. The main Skiing & Snowboarding area is most accessible via lower and middle parking lots, while our Tubing area is located at the upper parking lot. Parking fills up quite quickly in the lower lot, so parking in the middle lots might be your best bet. Make your way to the large building, located 3 doors up from the Chalet (barn), where you will find Tickets, Rentals and the Ski School. NOTE: Depending on how busy it is, consider that you may have to park and walk some distance to your destination.



What about season passes?

How do I purchase a Season Pass?
Season Passes are ONLY available for purchase online. Visit www.tyrolbasin.com, click BUY ONLINE in the homepage menu. This will take you to our online shop; click on the Season Pass button. For any questions you may have, please send a detailed email to tyrol@tyrolbasin.com.

When Can I Buy a Season Pass?
Every July 1, Tyrol Basin offers a 24-Hour Season Pass Sale. It is the best deal, per person, all season long. Price increases commence on July 2 and again on November 1. Season Passes will not be available for purchase as of December 1.

How do I pick up my Season Pass?
If you have purchased your season pass online, Tyrol Basin offers pre-season pass pick-up on selected dates leading up to the season’s official opening. These dates are listed on our website in our Events Calendar; www.tyrolbasin.com/calendar. We also promote season pass pick-up dates through our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. 

Not from around here? Pick up your season pass when we officially open for the season. Simply come to the main ticket window the first time you arrive.

I lost my Season Pass, what should I do?
If you lose your season pass, you can then request to have a new pass printed on site. You will be charged a $25.00 Fee.

How do I request a refund for my pass?
There are NO refunds for Season Passes unless you included one, or both of our Protection Plan Policies upon your initial Season Pass purchase online. Please visit www.tyrolbasin.com/new-season-pass-protection-policies/ to review our policies. If you are unsure if you included the policies in your purchase, you can refer to the confirmation email after purchase, or login to your account at shop.tyrolbasin.com.

Where do I buy lift tickets & rental equipment?

Lift Tickets:
•Lift tickets can be purchased online at www.tyrolbasin.com/lift-tickets
•Lift tickets can be purchased on site at the ticket window.

•Rentals can be purchased online, with advanced purchase of a lift ticket, at www.tyrolbasin.com/rentals. *Rental equipment is available on a first come first serve basis. Certain sizes and equipment could run out before others. In the rare event that this does happen, Tyrol Basin is committed to providing the customer fair compensation.
•Rentals can be purchased on site at the ticket window.
•Save time; download and print out a rental form. Completed rental forms must be presented at the ticket window. Rental forms need to be stamped with proof of purchase.
•We have a wide range of skis, snowboards, boots, poles & helmets available for both child & adult.

Do you have snow tubing?

We sure do! Please visit www.tyrolbasin.com/tubing for hours, pricing and more tubing specific FAQ’s which are located at the bottom of the page.

Do you have a terrain park?

Yes! For more information on what parks are open/available visit www.tyrolbasin.com/terrain-park.


What are your hours of operation?

Please visit www.tyrolbasin.com/hours-contact for Early, Holiday, Regular & Late Season hours.

When do you open/close for the season?
Historically, Tyrol Basin has opened anywhere from late November to Early December and has closed mid-March in spring. However, every season is different based on the weather. The best way to stay up to date is to visit www.tyrolbasin.com and/or follow us on Instagram & Facebook.

Can I bring my own food & beverage?

NO carry-in alcohol allowed on premise at any time, no exceptions. No carry-in food or beverages are allowed in Tyrol Basin buildings. 

Do you offer vegetarian or gluten free options?

We don’t specifically cater vegetarian or gluten-free options but do have items on our menu that could suit these particular specificities. Visit www.tyrolbasin.com/restaurant-cafe for menu details.

Do you offer childcare?

Tyrol Basin does not offer childcare. However, our ski school offers lessons for willing, potty-trained children ages 3 and up. If considering a lesson for your child, please help prepare them for separation from mom, dad or guardian for the duration of the lesson. Visit www.tyrolbasin.com/lessons for more information.


How do I sign up for lessons?

Visit www.tyrolbasin.com/lessons for ALL of our lesson information.

What do the colors and shapes mean on the Trail Map?

Green Circle: Easier

Blue Square: More Difficult

Black Diamond: Most Difficult

Double-Black Diamond: Most Difficult, use extra caution

Orange Oval: Freestyle Terrain, exercise caution

Orange Rectangle w/ stripes: Tree Skiing, use extra caution

Visit our Slopes page to view trail map.


What sliding devices are allowed on the slopes?

*Devices must have metal edges NO exceptions
*This list is subject to change at any time
Skis: Allowed with a working brake binding system or a tether/retention device.
Snowboards: Allowed with a tether/retention device
Telemark Skis: Allowed with a tether/retention device or a working brake system. (Please be aware of releasable telemark bindings as they typically do not have a tether/retention device)
Monoskis: Allowed with a working brake system or tether/retention device.
Adaptive Devices: Allowed but must have metal edges with a tether/retention device or designed in such a way that the device stops if disengaged by the user. All adaptive devices must be able to be safely loaded and unloaded from chairlift.
Snow bikes & Snow Trikes : Allowed and must have metal edge and tether/retention device (bikes/trikes not allowed to have gears/chain/wheels/tires or crank assembly) Sit down and stand up versions acceptable. 
Snowskates: Must have metal edge and tether/retention device.

*Devices must have metal edges NO exceptions
Snowskates/Snowdecks: NOT Allowed
Plastic Snowboards: NOT Allowed
Sleds/Discs: NOT Allowed
Snowscooters: NOT Allowed
Toboggans/Tubes: NOT Allowed. (If you are visiting our snow tubing hill, Tyrol Basin will provide the tubes) 

Does Tyrol Basin offer storage lockers?

Tyrol Basin provides locker storage in these locations:

•Ski & Snowboard area - located outdoors by main Chalet & Rentals building. Payment with quarters only ($.50 & $1.00 size options).
•Snow Tubing area - located inside main doors of the Tubing Chalet. Please inquire at ticket window to purchase locker key.

Do you have a Retail Shop?

Yes! “Snowthings” retail shop is located next to our Main Chalet at the base of the ski hill. For retail hours visit www.tyrolbasin.com/hours-contact. If you prefer to shop online, visit www.shoptyrolbasin.com

Do you have a Tech Shop?

Yes, located in our Rentals Department. We offer waxing & tuning, as well as minor repairs.  We do mount bindings. We do not mount telemark bindings. Check Prices at https://tyrolbasin.com/tech-shop/.

Do you offer cross country skiing or snowshoeing?

Sorry, Tyrol Basin is an Alpine Skiing location and does now allow for these types of outdoor activities.

Can I ride the chairlift or magic carpet (conveyor belt lift) without a ski or snowboard?

No, all lift riders must be wearing equipment. If you desire to assist a child on the Magic Carpet, please ask attendant for permission to walk alongside the conveyor belt on the snow.

Do you allow pets?

NO pets are allowed on Tyrol Basin’s property. The only exception would be a certified service animal that is on a leash.

Additional Questions? Visit our contact page!