Join the exciting team at Tyrol Basin Ski & Snowboard Area! We are now hiring for outdoor operations team! We are looking for snowmakers, groomers, and a lift manager/mechanic for the 2020/2021 season. If you enjoy a fun and fast-paced work environment Tyrol Basin is the place for you! Join out outdoor team and enjoy your next winter to the fullest!

We offer competitive compensation along with skiing/snowboarding privileges, meal discounts, and gift shop discounts.

Lift Mechanic/Lift Supervisor Positions AVAILABLE:

Lift Supervisor/Mechanic Job Summary:

This position requires a skilled person with experience in operating and maintaining Borvig fixed grip chairlifts and conveyor carpets. They must be knowledgeable in ANSI B77.1 Ski Lift Safety. Primary responsibility is to ensure the safe and reliable mechanical operation of lifts, with emphasis on proficiency, instruction, safety, and leadership in all areas of Lift Maintenance. Additional responsibilities include ordering all parts required to complete annual and periodic maintenance, plan daily, weekly, monthly, etc. maintenance on assigned ski lifts and assure preventive maintenance schedules are complied with.

Lift Supervisor/Mechanic Job Tasks:

  • Perform routine preventive maintenance prior to season
  • Perform all safety system checks daily
  • Manage all lift operations employees daily
  • Conduct and document regular safety and staff meetings with Lift Operations staff daily
  • Manage employee performance in the lift operations department, including but not limited to rewards and recognition, performance evaluations and disciplinary actions
  • Train all lift operators, ticket scanners, and lead operators
  • Perform lift, ramp, and personnel inspections daily
  • Maintain a functional, organized, and accessible filing system for all lift related forms and documents
  • Comply with and enforce all company policies and procedures
  • Cover lift operator positions during employee breaks as needed
  • Schedule and help execute all lift rotations
  • Conduct all preventive and corrective lift maintenance

Lift Supervisor/Mechanic Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Proven Lift Mechanic skills and abilities.
  • Must be knowledgeable of regulatory codes as they pertain to lifts.
  • Snowmobile and vehicle trained.
  • Must be able to become climbing certified.
  • Valid Wisconsin Driver’s license – preferred.
  • Basic working knowledge of desktop computer systems and applications.
  • Read, write, and speak English.
  • Ability to perform major lift modifications.
  • Ability to overhaul or rebuild all line and terminal equipment.
  • Willing to work in inclement weather.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Ability to have attention to detail.
  • Willing to work night shift, winter, summer, holidays, weekends.

We’re looking for a year-round team member who is passionate about their work and who take pride in ensuring our guests receive the best possible service and who bring a sense of self and fun to all they do.


  • Free skiing/snowboarding privileges
  • Free employee meal per day
  • Work outdoors in the winter and summer
  •  Shop discounts

Grooming positions AVAILABLE

Snow Groomer Job Summary:

The position of the snow groomer provides consistent conditions for customers daily. In the Midwest we are in a constant battle with the weather. The groomer will work in different conditions every night. It is your job to try and make the snow conditions consistent across the entire resort. Grooming helps to pulverize the ice, smooth the bumps, and fill holes as the machine moves around the mountain. Doing so creates a fun, consistent, and most importantly safe environment for our skiers and snowboarders. This is a nighttime position. Your average workday will start at 8 PM.

Snow Groomer Job Tasks:

  • Maintain safety protocols for you and surrounding employees
  • Maintain mountain surfaces across resort
  • Operate Pisten Bully 200 & 400 groomers
  • Manual labor on the slopes
  • Receive nightly grooming instructions from Grooming Manager
  • Work closely with snow makers and other nighttime employees
  • Assist with snowmaking as required
  • Preventative maintenance

Snow Groomer Qualifications:

  • Valid Drivers License w/ no restrictions (REQUIRED)
  • Must be 18 years of age (REQUIRED)
  • Capable of lifting & strenuous work (REQUIRED)
  • Capable of sitting for long periods of time (REQUIRED)
  • Willing to work 10+ hour shifts when necessary REQUIRED
  • Machine operating experience (REQUIRED)
  • 2 years grooming experience (PREFERRED)


  • Free skiing/snowboarding privileges
  • Free employee meal per day
  • Work outdoors in the winter and summer
  • Shop discounts


Terrain Park Manager Position Available:

Terrain Park Manager Job Summary:

There is deep rooted history in the terrain park at Tyrol Basin. Tyrol has been an innovator of freestyle skiing and snowboarding since the early days of the halfpipe. Creating, maintaining, and evolving this aspect of our resort is extremely important. A lot of our customers are freestyle enthusiasts and it is important that we provide them with an above the top experience every time they boot up. The terrain park manager is responsible for creating a safe environment for park crew and park riders alike. Each week will come with new challenges and new opportunities to go above and beyond expectations. Do you think you have what it takes to maintain the Tyrol Basin Parks name?

Terrain Park Manager Job Tasks:

  • Refurbish rails in preparation of the season
  • Train all park crew staff on safety requirements for the position
  • Train staff on quality standards of takeoffs, landings, and other daily feature maintenance
  • Design park build layouts and discuss them with the crew prior to park builds
  • Design, create, and execute different freestyle events throughout the season
  • Daily park quality reviews to assure the park & features meet Tyrol Basin standards
  • Build/Fix features as necessary
  • Run tow rope during specified hours
  • Help with other departments (snowmaking, grooming, etc.) as necessary
  • Fill out daily park logbooks
  • Create park crew schedules for all employees (including rake shifts & build shifts)

Terrain Park Manager Qualifications:

  • Must be 18+ years of age
  • Must have a unrestricted drivers liscense
  • Must be able to work under strenuous conditions for long periods of time
  • Grooming Experience (Preferred)
  • Snowmaking Experience (Preferred)
  • Terrain park maintenance experience (Required)


  • Competitive Pay
  • On-Hill Benefits (Free skiing/boarding)
  • Shop discounts
  • Free meal per shift
  • Creative freedom
  • Uplifting team environment

The terrain park manager position allows for a lot of freedom at the resort. You can get creative with designs & to run your very own team to create and maintain your very own park. You must be able to work well with others, motivate your crew, and set a good example for the young rippers in the park. If you have a hard work ethic, are a freestyle enthusiast, and want to build those parks you have always dreamt about, this is the perfect job for you!

Snowmaking Positions AVAILABLE

Snow Maker Job Summary:

Tyrol Basin is looking for hard working and dedicated employees to fill our open snowmakers positions. People for this position should have a love for the outdoors, the snow sports industry, and drive to produce quality product. Your position is solely in charge for creating man made snow when mother nature is not cooperating. As you know, in the Midwest making quality man-made snow is what sets one resort apart from another. Experience running manual snowmakers is preferred, but not required. Take your winter in a great direction and spend it at Tyrol Basin!

As a snowmaker your main job is to make man-made snow to make our customers experience the best it can be. The quality of skiing at our resort is in your hands! We run all manual SMI guns. You will be responsible for set up, shut down, preventative & corrective maintenance of snowmaking equipment. The snowmaking team is broken up between daytime and nighttime teams. The night team will have more work due to colder temperatures.

Job Tasks:

  • Watching the weather patterns to determine when guns can be started.
  • Place portable snow guns and hoses so they are ready to fire up when the temps are right
  • Move snow guns and hoses when weather (wind, temps, etc.) changes
  • Turning and moving snow guns for the best possible placement on hill
  • Hourly snow quality control rounds when creating snow
  • Changing water & air pressure to compensate for changes in weather
  • Changing or deicing nozzles when not functioning properly
  • Completing preventative maintenance to maintain a solid snow gun fleet
  • Corrective maintenance on compressors, nozzles, nukes, and hoses throughout the season
  • Shovel snow around snowmaking equipment when necessary (equipment can get buried)
  • Maintain safety pads around guns
  • Uphold all safety protocols
  • Working with other departments to maintain a strong team atmosphere

Snow Maker Qualifications:

  • Valid Drivers License w/ no restrictions (REQUIRED)
  • Must be 18 years of age (REQUIRED)
  • Capable of lifting & strenuous work (REQUIRED)
  • Willing to work 10+ hour shifts when necessary (REQUIRED)
  • Mechanical experience (PREFERRED)


  • Free skiing/snowboarding privileges
  • Free employee meal per day
  • Work outdoors in the winter and summer
  • Shop discounts

The position of snowmaker is one of the most important at our resort. You create the winter with high quality snow for our customers to enjoy. The season usually starts around early November and goes through February. When the weather is not cooperating hours can be picked up by working with other departments and completing necessary maintenance in the shop. You will be working late & long hours sometimes in very cold conditions. Must be able to lift 50+ pounds. Mechanical experience is a plus If you enjoy the outdoors, hard work, and a true sense of fulfillment when you see all of the great times you create for others, this is a great fit for you!




If you are interested in working in one of the positions listed above please fill out the form below, direct contact can be made by emailing matt@ or


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