Planning a group trip to Tyrol Basin is easy!

Groups save on average 30% on normal sale prices!

Planning Your Trip and Gathering Information: In order to best accommodate your group, it will be important to finalize your visit date as soon as possible (minimum of 21 days prior to visit). Please complete this Contact Form to begin coordinating your visit date(s), and to receive further instructions regarding participant sign-up and payment. We will again be utilizing our Online Group Portal as a tool to streamline the registration process for both group leaders and participants. While an estimated number of participants will be needed to reserve a date, all ticket, rental, and food numbers must be finalized one week prior to your visit.

Detailed instructions for our Online Group Portal will be provided once visit date is finalized.

Waivers and Forms: All required waivers and forms are to be completed using our online system. Tickets do not require a separate signed waiver; however, equipment rental and snow sport lessons will require forms to be completed.

For group members below the age of 18, a parent/guardian’s signature is required!

We often recommend having parents sign all forms, just to make sure the participant is covered!

  • Rental Form: This form, when completed, helps our rental staff set you up with the right equipment. Group members with their own equipment do not need this form. There is a specific form for ski and a specific form for snowboard.
  • Lesson Release: This form allows you to participate in the beginner group lesson.

Arrival at the Hill: Upon arrival, buses can drop off groups, and proceed to long-term parking in the Upper Parking Lots. Instructions for packet pick-up and group check-in will be emailed to the group leader prior to the visit.

Expected Behavior: We expect respectful behavior from all guests, but appropriate behavior is especially important for groups since one guest can easily ruin a fun experience for the entire group!

Food and Beverage: Outside food and beverages are not allowed on property due to our Food and Beverage licenses. Please inquire about our food and beverage offerings available to groups! Groups may bring sack lunches and eat on roof deck premise – but may not have food inside buildings.

Additional Offerings: Roof deck fire bowls and base area gas fire pits are available for warming purposes only. These are not to be used to cook food. There is plenty of outdoor seating for folks to enjoy during their stay.

Assistance While Visiting: We ask that all groups with children 14 years old and younger follow a ratio of 1 chaperone for every 10 children. Tyrol Basin staff is available and happy to help at the ticket office and rental counter, however we are not responsible for monitoring or supervising group members throughout your visit.

SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY! Please make sure all group members understand the importance of safe skiing and/or snowboarding before visiting. Ski Patrol is available for first-aid assistance during your visit.


In order to guarantee lesson spots, final reservations are required 2 weeks in advance.

  •  A $3.00 lesson fee per participant will serve as a lesson deposit and gratuity.
  • Lessons are 60 minutes long and the student must be 8 years or older to participate.
  • For ski and snowboarding lessons, there must be at least 5 participants in each discipline to hold a lesson.
  • Groups can have no more than 10 snowboarding participants, and there is a maximum of 20 skier participants per group lesson.
  • Lessons are for students that have never skied or snowboarded before, so please refrain from having experienced students take lessons.
  • Monday – Friday
    10:30am, 11:30am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm
  • Saturday
    9:30am, 10:30am
  • No Group Lessons Sunday

Group Rate Rules and Expectations

Group rates are available with 20-200 PAID tickets. Individual quotes can be provided for groups of 200+ participants. Groups with more than 100 participants may be asked to arrive and check-in in two groups.

Group rates may NOT be used in conjunction with any other special or discount. Group rates are also unavailable during Holiday Week. Weekend group rates are applicable on MLK Day and President’s Day. Please refer to our calendar for Holiday dates.

To receive group rates and ensure availability, reservations are required. Please complete this Contact Form to begin coordinating your visit date(s), and to receive further instructions regarding participant sign-up and payment. The entirety of the group’s payment will be due the day of your visit.

Tax exempt groups must have copy of 501 (c)3 on file.

If a group member rents a helmet, Tyrol Basin is not responsible for making sure the helmet is worn.


Tubing can be rented out by groups on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday A.M., and Friday A.M. with a minimum of 50 participants.

Closed for the Season-- Bar and Restaurant reopen mid May-- Sign up for Sand Volleyball is open
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