Skis, Boots, Poles ("Full set")
Snowboard, Boots ("Full set")
Damage Waiver
Partial Rental*
Poles Only
Season Rental**
Switch Equipment
(Requires NEW/separate rental form)

Rental options are also available for advance purchase ONLINE with the advanced purchase of a Lift Ticket. Note: Rental equipment is available on a first come first serve basis. Certain sizes and equipment could run out before others. In the rare event that this does happen, Tyrol Basin is committed to providing our customers fair compensation.

* Tyrol Basin may, at any time under its sole discretion, change the pricing set forth below. The pricing is alterable under circumstantial variables including, but not limited to: experience, new information, changes in process requirements, local and state legislature, and the availability of resources. 

*Partial Rental covers boots OR Skis/Snowboard PLUS Poles if needed. Partial Rentals are available in person only (No online reservations available for Partial Rentals.)

**Season Rental covers the cost of rentals each visit, equipment will be checked in/out each visit.  Equipment never leaves the premise of Tyrol Basin. Subject to availability

All rates include sales tax.  Rates are subject to change without notice.

Rental Forms

Save time on your visit! Download and print out a rental form. Completed rental forms must be presented at the ticket window. Rental forms need to be stamped with proof of purchase.